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Classic A2

Classic A2

Hydraulic pressure:Hydriaulic pressure
Model number:A2-LH01
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Classic A2
Product description

Scripture A 2


Column cover

The column cover ensures the pressure resistance of the road pile after it is lowered; the column cover is turned, and the surface has a non-slip texture decoration design 

12V low voltage waterproof LED warning lamp beads (concealed)

Use DC12V warning light, high brightness, good light transmission; to ensure that the lamp beads can work normally after wading or impact

Imported 3M honeycomb reflector

The reflective film uses microprism technology, and the reflective brightness is more than 4 times that of the engineering grade and more than 2 times that of the traditional high-strength grade. The unique reflective principle enables it to have a large reflective wide angle at the same time.

Stainless steel cylinder

The stainless steel of the column body is formed by a series of processes such as polishing, deburring, rough polishing, and fine turning. 

Stainless steel panel

The ground panel guarantees the pressure resistance capacity of the road pile after it is lowered; the surface has a non-slip texture decorative design.

Embedded cylinder

The whole body is made of carbon steel, and the outer surface of the cylinder is high-quality metal baking paint.

Power unit

It is hydraulically driven, can work normally when immersed in water, and has high protection against liquid and solid particles. High-precision sealing performance prevents dust inhalation.

Water seepage (can be used as drainage)

The bottom of the pre-embedded cylinder is equipped with a water seepage port to prevent long-term water accumulation, improve work performance and extend service life.


Technical Parameters

Function parameter

Lifting height of column


Impact resistance

Normal use after 12 tons of load

Cylinder diameter


Destructive resistance

Deformation of road piles with a load of 16 tons

Cylinder material

High-quality stainless steel

Assembly structure

All-in-one installation

Cylinder surface process

Fine polished outer circle

Drainage method

Seepage into a drainage system

Cylinder wall thickness

6~20mm (customizable)

Limiting method

Fixed point in place, NVH (noise, vibration and harshness)

Panel material

High quality stainless steel

Reflective strip

Import 3M

Panel size

diameter 340mm

Warning Light

LED lamp beads

Simplified material

Q235 steel

Support protection rod

Diameter M16

Cylinder size

Diameter 273mm, height 1110mm

Buffer heat


Operating structure

Three-pillar concentric orientation

Guide protective sleeve


Guide pillar diameter


Double anti-collision beam


Classic dedicated movement


Features of the classic high and low pressure movement 

⊙ New technology for classic products

​⊙ ±0.05 seconds

⊙ Mature and stable type

⊙ Normal work at -40°C

⊙ Imported sealing elements

⊙ Imported oil pump

⊙ The latest die-cast aluminum motor

⊙ The seamless steel pipe galvanized and double side plate structure of the air storage cylinder is stronger and more durable

⊙ High-performance plug-in components

⊙ Anodized oil block


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